Welcome to Galleri AureliA. We are an artist-led gallery based in Stockholm and London.

NEXT Exhibition

Galleri Aurelia will be exhibiting at the:

  • Affordable Art Fair
    Hampstead London
    9th-12th May 2019
  • The Music of Art concert
    5th June 2019
    7.30 pm
    Burgh House

A wonderful concert of our resident Opera singer Veronica Stalberg giving insight into how her music has influenced and inspired her paintings. There will also be an opportunity to purchase some of the particular musically inspired pieces, so you can hang a visual musical expression.

Please email or phone the gallery for tickets.


Past Exhibitions

High Gate London, June 15th


Sigbrit Kvarning

Sigbrit is a renowned interior designer and artist. Her work is frequently featured in newspapers and interior design magazines, and she is also one of Sweden’s leading property stylists. Her art is inspired objects she comes across in her daily life, including material objects like chairs and dressers but also animals. She favors a colorful palette in both her art and in her designs with bright pastel colours being used for maximum effect

Veronica Stålberg

Veronica is a multi-talented creative person with a background in music. She enjoys working with many different kinds of materials including pottery, wood as well as oil paints. In this exhibition are examples of three of her series of paintings including Tulips&Grasses, Puddles and Fluidity

Christoffer Stålberg

Christoffer is an artist and art teacher based in Stockholm. As you will see his work is inspired by graffiti art but also has a darker undertone of social commentary. Christoffer has a background in sculpture and he has studied art at the University of Kalmar